Sunday, 7 June 2009

Brian Gerrish on Common Purpose

This below from Brian Gerrish, a Former British Navy Lft Commander."Common Purpose, a criminal organisationthat abuses government posts for gain.Although it has 80,000 trainees in 36 cities, 30,000 graduate members and enormous power, CommonPurpose (CP) is largely unknown to the general public.It recruits and trains its leaders to work "beyond authority," to abuse their posts and serve CommonPurpose, instead of their own departments, which they then undermine. Its members control the NHS,where it wastes £60 billion, much of it going into private pockets; and controls most of Britains 8,500quangos which spend £167 billion annually, according to the Cabinet Office. Most of that is waste.Business rates and tax go up, services go down, the difference is spent on yet more CP quangos.CP is identifying leaders in all levels of our government to assume power when our nation is replacedby the European Union, in what they call “the post democratic era.” They are learning to rule withoutdemocracy, and will bring the EU police state home to every one of us.Common Purpose is a criminal organisation that enables fraud to be committed across thesegovernment departments to reward pro European local politicians. Corrupt deals are enabled that putproperty or cash into their pockets by embezzling public assets.It has members in the NHS, BBC, the police, the legal profession, the church, many of Britain’s 8,500quangos, local councils, schools, social services, the Civil Service, government ministries, Parliament,and it controls many RDA's (Regional Development Agencies).Cressida Dick is the Common Purpose senior police officer who authorised the "Shoot to kill" policywithout reference to Parliament, the law or the British Constitution. Jean de Menezes was one of theinnocents who died as a result. Her shoot to kill policy still stands today.Common Purpose trained Janet Paraskeva, the Law Society's former Chief Executive Officer.Surprising numbers of lawyers are CP members. It is no coincidence that justice is more expensive,more flawed and more corrupt. Lawyers in secret family courts routinely commit perjury to pervert thecourse of justice, knowing CP judges will protect them; a fair trial is now rare. When a challenge wasmade to the signing of the five EU treaties, which illegally abolish Britain's sovereignty, it was nosurprise the courts refused to uphold the law.Common Purpose was backed by John Prescott's Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), and itsChief Executive is Julia Middleton. The Head of the Civil Service Commission is a memberIt is close to controlling Plymouth City Council, where is has subverted the democratic process. Localpeople cannot get CP's corrupt activities published, because the editors of local papers are in CP, andrefuse to let journalists publish the articles.The power of councillors is being usurped nationally by council executives, as CP substitutes “expertofficers” and swamps councillors with paperwork and directives. The ODPM’s councillor monitoringofficers can remove councillors who don’t comply, or try to stand up for democracy.CP was formed in 1970 by Ted Heath's Conservative Party as part of joining the European UnionDictatorship. In the 1990’s, with its members' cross departmental influence, it was involved with whatthen became the disastrous New Millennium Dome Company and the squandering of £800 million; itappears £300m of this was diverted into the web of quangos set up by CP. There is a fraud case overthis, stalled in the courts thanks to CP's influence in the legal profession.Over £100 million of our money has been spent on CP courses alone, and its been hidden from thepublic. No published accounts, and members names are a guarded secret. It charges substantialfigures for its courses. Matrix for example costs £3,950 plus VAT, and courses for the high flying‘leader’ can be as much as £9,950 plus VAT. This money is ours, paid by government departmentsfinancing senior staff to become agents for CP, instead of loyal to their own jobs.Common Purpose International (Ltd by guarantee No. 2832875) is registered as an educational charity,No 1023384. Given it targets the powerful with expensive fees, its charity status stinks and should berevoked..Common Purpose - training our future EU rulers - continuedō€€Potential Common Purpose subjects are selected for training. Are they susceptible to being converted;are they in the right job, with the right colleagues and friends? Do they have power, influence and thecontrol of money? The local Common Purpose Advisory Board then decides if they can do the course.While on the courses candidates are assessed; are they corruptable; will they abuse their positions,commit fraud and lie for Common Purpose? If so they are selected for the inner sanctum; but half arenot, and can honestly say they've seen nothing wrongTrained leaders are encouraged to act as a network, enable other members' plans, and have meetingsunder the so called Chatham House rules. This effectively means their statements are not attributableto them, nor can attendees reveal information heard at a Common Purpose meeting.Council Officers are having secret meetings with, for example, property developer Common Purposefriends. No agendas and no minutes. Common Purpose Graduates from the public quango sectorssuch as the Regional Development Agencies attend, and award large sums of public money to theseprojects.It is the worst national example of cronyism, closed contract bids, fraud and corruption. And unseen tothe general public.Common Purpose undermines traditionally effective and efficient government departments with anoverwhelming influx of new language, political correctness and management initiatives. The talk is ofchange, empowering communities, vision, worklessness, mainstreaming (sucking EU money into aproject to sustain it), community empowerment, working partnership, regeneration and celebratingdiversity etc etc. Documents appear about change, and reorganisation.As CP “leaders” become more senior they employ countless managers and bureaucrats. In timeconfusion rules, and things don’t seem to work properly. Management decisions are made that seemstupidly destructive. The organisation’s performance becomes sluggish. Undermining the NHS isCommon Purpose’s biggest success so far, with bureaucrats outnumbering hospital staff three to one.David Cameron, who is an EU plant, uses the language and techniques of Common Purpose againstthe Conservative Party. By changing, with nothing to change to, he is paralyzing the Conservativeparty.Common Purpose specifically targets children from the age of 13, and more recently age 4, for sex orleadership and citizenship training. Yes, it is active in schools, and again the average parent has noidea.People have contacted us to speak of their experiences with Common Purpose. A common theme isits all sweetness and light, until you fail to follow the direction set by the CP leadership. Theninteresting things happen. Ladies in particular have been bullied at work, some have lost their jobs,some have become paranoid and depressed at the pressure from people ganging up on them.A typical story is a husband describing the decline in his wife from the time she becomes a CommonPurpose graduate. Loss of sparkle, enthusiasm, anxious and ‘changed’, and she initiated a divorce.Other Common Purpose people lie when they are challenged as to their involvement.Common Purpose candidates are given a two day residential course in which they are ‘trained’ in aclosed residential environment, such as a small hotel. They are encouraged to reveal personalinformation about themselves, such as their likes, dislikes, ambitions and dreams. Discussions are thencontrolled by the course leaders. Some participants have likened this to Delphi technique, NLP, or theapplication of group psychology such as Cognitive Dissonance or brainwashing.If you suspect Common Purpose is active in your organisation, or see a pattern of incredibly baddecisions, money being wasted, notice bullying, fraud, or threats, note the names of those involved(we've tracked down over a thousand) and please contact us. And publish the truth about CommonPurpose as widely as you can.Brian Gerrish 07841 464187, David Noakes 07974 437097; for action."

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