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A Message from our Chairman.

2009 So Far: Success, Advances and Progress – A Letter from Nick Griffin
June 7, 2009 by BNP News Filed under National News
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Fellow Patriot,
Over the last six months the British National Party has literally been transformed into a mainstream party. The fact is that most people are focussed so much on winning Euro seats that other impressive advances and successes are being overshadowed.
Compared with where we were at Christmas, we are fundamentally a new party altogether. Such a huge range of advances have been achieved in the last six months that it defies belief, and on the eve of the Euro results we lay them out below for you to inspect.
Remember this progress would not have been achieved without the sacrifice, dedication and determination of the tens of thousands of members and supporters that constitute our movement. So on the eve of the Euro poll I wish to extend my sincerest thanks and remember that whatever happens tonight, I am eternally grateful to you all.
Remember that the progress below has been achieved in the face of the most gargantuan media smear and slander campaign in history. This is the first time that we have mounted such a national challenge to the establishment and their response has been hysterical, if not outright panic. Such a torrent of lies, smears, slander, fabrications, distortions and half-truths has never been waged against a legitimate political party in British history. It is an historical first. However, no matter what happens at the polls, this Party is now playing on the world stage.
- During the European Election Campaign in 2004, we had a total of 9,000 unique info pack requests. During the Euro Campaign of 2009, we have had roughly 65,000 unique enquiries; so many that we have an enormous backlog of work to get through. These enquiries have been gathered and databased using our new cutting-edge IT systems and will be transformed into new members, donors and supporters over the next few weeks and months.
- The British National Party now has 30 full-time staff working in a whole range of areas such as administration, databasing, fundraising, web construction, design, IT, and two full time accountants as well as many more fields of expertise. This compares favourably with the Euro Election in 2004 when we had only 5 people working for the Party.
- Until several months ago the BNP was always a “virtual party” with no offices or headquarters whatsoever. Now we have four such premises. We have a design studio, an administration centre with full-time call centre and accountancy department, a political headquarters and a dispatch depot. The BNP is no longer a “virtual party” but has a fixed presence with a large number of specialist full-time staff who run the internal departments of the BNP to industry-standards, regulated by a world-renowned management specialist.
- The growth in membership of the Party has been enormous. In the last six months since January 2009 we have had approx 3,500 new members join up. This is the largest single rush of new members in our long history as a Party (and on the back of the leaked membership list drama). Our membership department estimates that at the present rate by the end of the year we may well double our membership, making us one of Britain’s largest political parties.
- In the whole of 2007 the BNP raised a total of £500,000. In the first five months of 2009 we have raised over £650,000. We are on target to TREBLE our 2007 turnover this year, testament to the huge growth of the BNP and the increased professionalism of our fundraising department. To put things in perspective, we have spent more in total on our Euro Election Campaign 2009 than on all the previous election campaigns combined — a staggering achievement. So far this year our electronic email fundraising campaigns alone have raised approximately £100,000. So far in 2009 our e-fundraising department has sent out approximately 2 million emails, 700,000 in May alone. Thanks to the huge output of literature in our Euro Election Campaign, our central fundraising database has grown from a mere 19,000 to approximately 70,000 — which means that the funds available to the BNP to grow, increase efficiency, campaign and fight elections will multiply enormously over the next six months.
- The BNP is the proud operator of Britain’s most effective political call centre, which is bringing back into membership on average some 40-50 lapsed members per day, a huge number taking out Gold memberships. Our dedicated call centre, run by a professional customer care manager and staffed by party members, is raising the Party on average some £1,400 per day (roughly equating to 360,000 per year of extra funds for the Party).
- One of the most significant advances this year has been capturing three county council seats on June 4th. This is a tremendous breakthrough for the Party into an entirely new tier of government and gives us a massive boost of credibility. County council seats are huge and immensely hard to win — the local election equivalent of winning a Parliamentary constituency sized seat.
- The BNP has increasingly made its presence felt in local elections throughout the first six months of 2009. In over twenty local by-elections the BNP has averaged approximately 17 percent of the vote — a huge increase on previous years. The local election results, impressive as they are, were capped by the momentous victory in the Swanley by-election in Kent in February — the BNP’s first breakthrough in the South East Region.
- In January the Party launched Operation Fightback in response to regular abuses of our democratic fights by the media and political establishment. A large number of politically correct outrages have been reversed, cultural parades have been reinstated, persecution at the hands of local authorities has been dealt with and reversed, newspapers have scrapped, withdrawn or retracted smear stories and anti-BNP celebrities and other public figures have been held to account for their incitements. Operation Fightback is to be expanded after the Euro Elections to cope with the increased number of attacks on the Party.
Make no mistake, the establishment wouldn’t have bothered attacking so virulently a movement that was irrelevant and impotent. The huge, organised establishment campaign against the BNP is the biggest compliment of all — it proves that we are now a force to be reckoned with, a real nationalist alternative to the liberal-left campaign to destroy our nation. So whatever happens at the polls tonight, there can be no turning back. We are here to stay, and we will struggle to the bitter end to save our beautiful nation and people.
Long live the British People!
Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Chairman, BNP

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