Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Mister Fox writes about Establishment Violence

Establishment Encourage Violence Against CriticsI wrote an article a couple of years ago on how the establishment dehumanise people who threaten their privilege lives and how this can lead to violence as Pym Fortyn was set up by the Dutch media. The ruling ideological caste have no answer to our arguments so use not only character assassination but encourage physical violence against their critics. They do not like having their corruption exposed. is usually done indirectly so they can keep up the appearance of respectability but evil Peter Hain who did so much to bring about famine and genocide in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively never apologised for it so presumably is pleased with what it he’s done, had advocated violent confrontation with the BNP. He is trying to do the same again and make himself rich at the same time by corruptly trousering £130 grand: "It is vital that everyone now isolates and confronts the BNP and works with United Against Fascism to defeat them." The gang of UAF thugs attack Nick Griffin everyone can see how it is done. He dehumanises the objects by calling them “racists” and “fascists” so that the attackers feel good about harming them?The Mirror of 10/6/09 twisted the truth to present victims of politically motivated violence to be the perpetrators. What sick, corrupt liars are their journos.”But minutes later they were sent packing by 60 placard-waving protesters chanting: "Nazi scum off our streets."...then...” Protester Harry Dare was punched in the back by a fleeing far-right supporter. Mr Dare said: "I'm not seriously hurt but I was hit and it was unprovoked. I didn''t use violence against them. I just told them they were fascists and we didn't want them anywhere near Parliament."”In fact the demonstratore are not supposed to be “anywhere near parliament” under terrorism law! The police stood over the road watching. There is always a high visibility Policing in and around Parliament Square and many carry machine guns. They've got High Definition CCTV cameras all over the streets that can tell the time on someone’s wristwatch. This demo will have been recorded and monitored from many angles, and the Police nearby would have been immediately informed. I suggest we all complain the the Metropolitan police. of the assailants had a House of Commons Visitors pass on his lapel and there was obviously collusion from a mainstream party worker. The Labour party is largely responsible for the funding of UAF and Searchlight magazine.Surely our representatives should have armed security - as enjoyed by other elected officials. They are clearly unable to rely on the police.Furthermore the media edited the footage to sho the BNP security man in a bad light when he behaved very professionally. Sun have encouraged more attacks on Nick and in a country with hundreds of Muslim extremists and terrorists they are encouraging assassination. Establishment are trying to destroy a rival who is openly challenging them and exposing their corruption. The BNP exposed the police cover-up of the widespread child-rape of young white girls by older Muslim men. Take no notice of this obsession with holocaust denial. Nearly every Muslim in the country denies the holocaust and believes Mossad did the Twin Towers.An Establishment trick is to pick on the ethnic identity of the party as if we should have nothing for ourselves. This is part of destroying us as a people. party's constitution, which says membership is "strictly defined within the terms of … 'indigenous Caucasian' and defined ethnic groups emanating from that Race" is a breach of the law against discriminating in membership organisations, according to legal experts.Lawyers also said that as the BNP gets access to the European parliament, with a budget for employing staff and contracting services, it would also be open to employment law, which prohibits direct and indirect discrimination."If an individual challenges and they maintain a practice not employing any visible minority people, there is no doubt that like any employer who has such practices, they can be sued," said employment barrister and chair of the Society of Black Lawyers, Peter Herbert.The last paragraph is hypocritical and shows them as dishonest.How many white lawyers are in the Society of Black Lawyers?I think The BNP is exempt from the Race Relations Act 1976, as amended by the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000.Its membership constitutes a group of more than 25 members whose main purpose is to provide services to a particular racial group - the Indigenous British.About Us / Aims & ObjectivesThe Society of Black Lawyers (SBL) is the oldest organisation of African, Caribbean and Asian lawyers in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1969 by Rudy Narayan and Sibghbat Kadri QC, the Society is an advocacy organisation, which exists to:1. promote equality and diversity within the legal profession;2. act as a representative and strategic voice for lawyers, law students, paralegals, jurists and legal academics of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage; and3. campaign to ensure access to justice and legal services for ethnic minority and disadvantaged communities.Over the last 35 years, the SBL has been at the forefront of the fight for race equality and is widely regarded as the legal arm of the civil rights movement. Key SBL achievements include:1. Producing the first directory of African, Caribbean and Asian lawyers;2. Organising the first ever Anglo-USA conference on race hate crimes (2000);3. Providing oral and written submissions to the MacPherson Inquiry into the police investigation of the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence. It was as a direct result of the Society’s submissions to the Inquiry that the then Lord Chancellor asked the Law Commission to review the rules on Double Jeopardy;4. Supporting the creation of the National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA);5. Establishing the National Association of Black Law Students (NABLS);6. Acting as legal observers during the first democratic elections in South Africa;7. Organised the first national speaking tour of the late Johnnie L. Cochrane Jr. (the attorney who represented O.J. Simpson) and Milton Grimes (the attorney who represented Rodney King);8. Spearheading the campaign which led to the introduction of section 95 of the Criminal Justice Act 1991. This section placed a positive duty on the Home Secretary to publish statistics race within the criminal justice system. These statistics have become one of the main sources of information on the experiences of black and ethnic minority groups across the criminal justice system.Anyway, Black activists in the Labour Party like Vaz and Abbott pushed for a Black section in the Labour Party but it was voted down. Labour can not complain if BNP does the same . Also Labour actively encourage " Black only" orgainisations from police and social outfits and fund them on an ethnic basis. There is nothing to stop a "Black" or " Asian" party. There is a Muslim Parliament and there is an Islamic party but it seems to have been bribed by Labour not to push itself electorally on the grounds that Labour would represent its interests. But not now as Labour is collapsing.The BNP are gaining middle class members and voters which should make a lot of difference in the long run and there are a several BNP councillors that own businesses who, through networking, will probably help to increase the popularity of the party. Yet they are described as “fascists” and “Nazis” which is becoming laughable. What is it about the BNP the media hate so much? Is it that their policy is so different from the norm that they attack people who are not like them? General dislike of the leaders?As the elites promote our badnesss they are affected themselves and this leads them to wider corruption. They have no sense of honour or duty and are base-minded. A statesman would not stoop that low but these moral inferiors think nothing of it. Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd dutifully played his part in in the co-ordinated attack upon the BNP by using their pasts. This is the presenter who a couple of years ago joked about heroin use to normalise it “Smack the vein”! They are ethnically and morally corrupt.It was the BNP’s Michael Barnbrook who exposed Conservative MP Derek Conway and started the expenses scams ball rolling.A major part of the BNP campaign was against the corruption of the elites “Punish the Pigs” but the elites want to keep their positions so tell lies.Are the media, like the politicians, scared the BNP will expose them too?Polly Toynbee saw this in the BNP: “ The BNP are Gay bashers, gypsie haters, and Climate change deniers.” Richard Littlejohn seemed to see Asian child abuse in them like the missing girl who was sexually abused and thought to have been chopped up and put in Kebabs for the public at a Blackpool kebab outlet!:” As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, if the BNP didn't exist the other parties would have to invent them. The existence of the fascist fringe allows mainstream politicians to parade their own self-righteousness and gives the BBC the opportunity to flaunt its 'liberal' credentials. If the bigger parties and the BBC didn't stifle debate on everything from immigration to violent crime, the BNP wouldn't exist, except as a gang of twisted, sex-starved skinheads plotting above a kebab shop “ He reportedly earns £800,000 a year and lives in Florida. do not expose the ugly side of the elites though, do they. When the elites expose those they perceives as possible rival elites they do not expose their own proprietors or editors. they kept quiet about Maxwell until he was dead but exposed other people. They saved this for the elections. Dimbleby was chairman of the Council For The Preservation of Rural England, a worthwhile organisation, but he was preserving the countryside he and other elites live in. When Asylum Centres have been planned in fine rural areas the residents mount stringent protests as thy want to reserve their things but berate us for wanting to preserve or things and tell us if we don’t allow immigrants to take them off us we like Hitler! The rich of course hob knob with each other and their idea of sharing is having the sons of very rich foreigners at Eton with their own. Blair’s expenses records have now been accidentally shredded!Muslims child-raping underage white girls brought victory in our northern English cities. It was a Labour party directive that ordered the Police and media to not alert the public to avoid race battles. There should be some senior police prosecuted for complicity with Muslims in child-raping young white girls.The press are as an institution liberal-Socialist. Individually they want to keep their jobs so toe the line. The media put a great deal of money and effort into their Anti-BNP campaign, with every newspaper and even The Publican, Accountancy Age and Caterer & Housekeeper joining the biased fray. But because of the Internet - BNP website, blogs and activists on the ground, the party could get over the real story. The campaign of hatred destroys the media pretence of being fair and unbiased and the NUJ is still the closed shop that it was.Media hacks are used to Keep It Simple Sunshine simple (KISS) and backing it up with whatever slander they can find and have come out all guns blazing. It has not been media reporting as such, but a marketing communications exercise, with all journos giving short and negative messages and repeating the message at certain intervals - the sort of "journalism" used in China- a proven form of marketing. We are not up against journalism - but, a marketing onslaught. the Establishment attack those they hate they generalise but even when corruption is widespread amongst the Establishment parties as with the expenses scandals they treat it as an individual matter; although it is clear that the expenses scandal effects the whole of the parties, the media focus on individuals.The BBC's impartiality is bogus. Nick Robinson repeated character assassination from the internet about Andrew Brons having an unsavoury past. Here is one you can do at home. Type Alistair Darling, Jack Straw, Harriet Harman, Peter Hain, David Cameron (ex Bullingdon Boy thug) into a search engine. They are just a few Labour ministers who have extreme pasts but the media cover that up. Don’t trust the media question every statement and look people up for yourselves. If the media had wanted they could have exposed the extremist pasts of Labour and destroyed the party, but they share the same ideology and are on the same side.David Cameron is an important supporter of the UAF thugs who attacked Griffin so its easy to see why he calls the BNP thugs. He sees himself in them. He acknowledged that people will be angry at the main parties over the MPs' expenses but urged them not to vote for the BNP. He lost his temper and spoke from inside at the Bath and West Show in Shepton Mallet, when a member of the audience argued that the BNP "have a point when it comes to immigration": "If you vote for the BNP you are voting for a bunch of fascists who want to divide this country over the issues of race and the colour of skin." Cameron told him: "Go and have a look at what the BNP have said. Do not be naive about what these people stand for. "They dress up in a suit and knock on your door in a nice way but they are still Nazi thugs". Yes, look at what they really stand for and do not trust the media. (2)His totalitarian response to comments by Patrick Mercer and Nigel Hastilow show what this “freedom” means - persecution of dissidents. But what does he stand for in his lovely suits? “There is no domestic or foreign any more. In this world today, we are all in it together.” He abandoned his constituency in Whitney to visit to Rwanda during severe flooding.If you care about the future for women under Islam in the west look up The Despatches programme filmed inside Mosques.On Radio Four on EU elections broadcast Simon Hughes stated that thy would have to start exposing the BNP’s argument such as exploding their myth that asylum seekers get new houses etc. this is not true he claimed. Its more or less true, though. In fact it is asylum getters who get this massively preferential treatment. Hughes was deceiving the public. The media never tell us what the elites agendas are. Hughes wants to submit us to Muslims. individuals who go along with this are guilty of betraying their own children and grandchildren.blame us. I urge people to look for themselves and not trust the Caste who are trying to destroy their own people!The traditional elites, Archbishop of Canterbury, Judge Butler-Sloss and Stephan Hickman. QC are calling for the introduction of Sharia Law. Consider that we're told that Islam is a 'Religion of Peace' both Tony Blair and Boris Johnson have asserted as much. Such a force for 'goodness' should be evident in culture, and Society?They can not counter our arguments and though they are now saying that BNP must be exposed they have nothing to offer now their tired ideology no longer fits reality. They just repeat the same old cliches like “racism” and “hate.” This is intellectually easy but they have no answer for our new interpretation of our traditional beliefs. They believe that a “white Britain” is intrinsically bad because they think its what Hitler meant. What they are doing is dredging up silly statements from people's pasts. They have been found out. The BNP are exposing their criminal neglect of their people. They denounce us but they do not live in it and can act morally-superior until their children can not get into Cambridge, say. A wrong they are doing to us is that they are having our exclusive culture, territory and communities taken from us. These actions drain people of their spirit as happened with aborigines and Native Americans.Our failure to reproduce is a symptom of losing morale - “what is the point of reproducing? We have no future.” When men are proud they want more of themselves. They reproduce their strength in their offspring. What the caste are doing is making us feel bad about ourselves and the shame goes with our ethnicity, our history and our culture. Our attitude to the world around is taught to be cringing, always nice and apologetic. Women don’t want men like that and turn to other ethnic groups.Edmund Burke, Winston Churchill and Stanley Baldwin could have understood our wanting to remove undesirables like paedophiles and terrorists. But they would now be accused of fascism and racism.That is a mere step away from calling BNP a "Nazi party" which degenerates into referring to them as "thugs" and they have decide your fate without allowing you to explain our position or give voice to our duty to preserve our people and their cultures and religious traditions.The BNP will evolve into a viable twenty-first century nationalist party and others from the ethnic nations should do likewise because these will be the only bulwark against encroaching invasion.The native Hawaiians were a Polynesian people but have been nearly exterminated. later.html :// should look into this for themselves - -indeed.html ter.html ter.html

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