Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Bridgehead to Europe

A momentous evening last night with two MEPs elected, the incomparable Mr Nick Griffin and Mr Andrew Brons, a veteran Nationalist of many years standing.
I have been fortunate to have met both these kinsmen and can verify that our hopes and aspirations are safe in their hands.
Yorkshire and the North West, once the very heartland of Labour have shown that despite the massive media onslaught we have faced and the incalculable lies told about us a significant proportion of the British population is prepared to stand up and be counted.
The exposure that we cannot now be denied, the new members we have attracted, the new means we have used to get our message over combined with the good financial standing we now can enjoy will ensure that we will be a force to be reckoned with in the battle to come.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all BNP supporters who helped to achieve this. No other party relies to quite the same extent on the grassroots people for its support. Everyone who attended a meeting, posted a leaflet, canvassed, spoke to friends and family, were active on-line or donated even the smallest amount of time, money or effort is to be congratulated for being part of this historic victory.

We can allow ourselves only a brief pause for rest and reflection, a large task now lies ahead. We will now be subject to a media onslaught that will be worse than what we have had to date. All supporters must continue as before, resolute and determined. The message we carry is of paramount importance, we must ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the full breadth of our manifesto. Anti Europe Union sentiment is on the rise, we must get our message over. UKIP is a one trick pony and may do well in European Elections but has no answers to our Domestic problems.
The BNP message must be promoted. Look to our MEPs for the way forward.

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