Sunday, 7 June 2009

I have submitted Freedom of Information requests to both South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council asking for information on links associations and expenditure with Common Purpose.
South Yorkshire Police have broken the law by not replying.

I have a reply from Rotherham Council, or a partial reply really
1. The Council has spent a total of £22,850 with Common Purpose over the last five years.
2. The training that the Council has undertaken with Common Purpose includes a Schools programme for Year 9 pupils and Leadership Programmes. However a full list of the types of training provided by Common Purpose can be accessed via their website
3. The officers who have attended the Common Purpose Leadership programme are all senior managers within Rotherham M.B.C.No positions, undoubtedly they will plead personal privacy when I complain, not that we have been allowed any.
They throw in the year 9 training, I believe, to dilute the amount seemingly spent on the Senior Managers and miss out the number of managers involved.
I suppose that thsis will help me to better frame the questions for any other requests.
No response received from South Yorkshire Police. As it was sent direct from a web site they will undoubtedly say that they never received it and I have nothing in my sent items to show I have, again another lesson learned for my next request.Ah well, on with the work, Rome wasn't built in a day. The very fact that they are fielding these requests should serve to remind that not everyone is oblivious to what is happening.

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