Sunday, 7 June 2009

Did you know that the Co-operative Group allows for sale in its shops the hard-line Communist newspaper The Morning Star?When questioned this was their response: "The Morning Star is on sale in Co-op stores as it is not our policy to boycott products or suppliers but to allow the customer to have choice in what they purchase." While this declaration is endearing it is by the same token questionable: why, then, is there not for sale in Co-op stores publications of Right-wing nature to counteract other material and “allow the customer to have choice in what they purchase.”? Surely it is fair to offer a variety of magazines and newspapers for their readership. There are hundreds of shops -mainly Asian petrol stations- up and down the country that stock this anti-British rag.Please take a note of of the name and location of anywhere you see this seditious comic being sold. Why not give the Co-op your thoughts? P.O. Box 53, New Century House, Manchester, M60 4ES.It is very easy to send them a short

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