Sunday, 7 June 2009

Common Purpose the Cancer in our midst.

"Common Purpose" is a charity that takes money from Europe and also from your tax revenues by charging the health service, police forces and other government departments for courses.They are a massive threat to Great Britain. There aim is to make the whole world a 'Global Village'They are undoubtedly a Marxist organisation with Fabian ideals. For more info on the Fabian ideology follow this link. are secretive and subversive organisation. There stated intention is to ' lead beyond authority' i.e. doesn't matter who we elect or appoint they will run things the way that the CP group decides. They make these decisions in secret meetings held under the Chatham House Rules. (no-one was there, no quotes or decisions will be announced). They are preparing for the 'Post-Democratic Period' they expect to be here soon. Many Organisations are now so riddled with CP subversives that they operate them from within without reference to the actual chain of command. A good example of this is Plymouth Council where ALL major posts are held by them. Also the Regional Development Agencies are riddled throughout. Remember that they owe there allegiance only to the CP organisation.For more information on the Plymouth Council and the UK in general follow this link. website that exposed all this for action. has been mysteriously closed down twice, and possibly is offline again now. However just search Common Purpose and you will find plenty of information.Wake up and spread the word before it is too late.

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